• STAGE 1 4L60E REBUILD PARTS KIT: 1993-1996

Stage 1 4L60E Rebuild Parts Kit


Our do-it-yourself 4L60E rebuild kits are intended to be as complete as possible. We have bundled together all of the critical parts and components, as well as many popular and highly recommended upgrades, into one package to make it easier for our customers. We also want to ensure that all of the necessary components that make up a good, proper rebuild are actually being replaced.

Note that every one of our kits include a Corvette 2nd gear band servo, a heavy duty Borg Warner 4L65E low roller clutch as well as the all important reaction sun shell…!


Complete Gasket and Seal Set (w/sealing ring kit)

Complete Bushing Set (w/Teflon coated pump bushing)

Pump Vane Guide (specify 10 or 13 vane pump)

Borg Warner Hi-Energy 2-4 Band

7 Disc 3-4 Clutch Set (w/Borg Warner Hi-Energy frictions)

Complete Friction and Steel Set (w/Turbulator steels)

OEM AC Delco 3-4 Clutch Apply and Backing Plate Set

Corvette 2nd Gear Band Servo Set

New 4L65E Reaction Sun Shell

Borg Warner 4L65E  Low Roller Clutch Set

Bonded Steel Piston Set (3-4, Forward and Overrun)

Updated Forward Clutch Return Spring Set

New 1-2 and 3-4 Accumulator Pistons

High Flow Filtran Filter

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