RATED TO 550 HP. This is a great package for folks with added power, but still need the ability to tow and daily drive their truck. This package is far and away our most popular build! Bundled with an outstanding DPC billet triple disc torque converter, your new transmission will put the power to the ground like it never has before!

In this package, we also include our complete "Quantum" valve body; something almost unheard of at this price point! And for a little added peace-of-mind and a nice bump up in power rating (650 hp), upgrade to a TCS 300M billet input shaft!

NOTE: Aftermarket transmission tuning is required with this package.


Dynamic Transmission "Quantum" 68RFE Valve Body (DNJ billet channel plate, full billet accumulator piston set, HD accumulator plate, bonded separator plate, updated SSV valve set, vacuum tested, flat sanded to within .0001")

New OEM Solenoid Set

DPC Billet Triple Disc Torque Converter (please indicate stall speed)

Modified OE Input Drum (holds 14 discs in OD stack, billet steel OD pressure plate, HD snap ring)

Complete Durabond Bronze Bushing Set (with upgraded one-piece low/reverse drum and front planetary bushings)

Complete Thrust Bearing Set

Upgraded HD Low/Reverse Sprag

Complete Pump Build (with updated TCC limit valve, vacuum tested, pump gears measured and brought to OE specs or better)

Updated Converter Pressure Limit Valve Installed in Pump

PPE Deep Finned Aluminum Pan (holds additional 4 quarts of fluid)

New OEM Line Pressure Sensor

New OEM Input and Output Speed Sensors

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  • $7,799.95

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