"QUANTUM" FULL BILLET 68RFE valve body. 


The OEM valve body is the source of many of the shortcomings of the 68RFE transmission. From warping of the poorly supported assembly, to sticking valves due to bore wear, to channel plate wall flex allowing cross-leaks, to leaking and failing accumulator pistons, to the accumulator plate coming loose, breaking or falling off completely...our billet valve body addresses those weaknesses. Allows you to reliably run up to 300 psi of line pressure with proper transmission tuning (although we recommend limiting line pressure to about 225-230 psi to avoid excess heat and possible damage to hard parts that haven't been properly upgraded). 

"Quantum" valve body package includes: 

-Complete tear down, inspection and cleaning of valve body and components. 

-Flat stone resurface of valve body half to remove high spots and ensure perfect flatness. (stone certified flat to within .0001"; one ten-thousandth of an inch) 

-Updated solenoid switch valve (SSV) and oversized shuttle slugs. (Valve bore is reamed oversize to repair bore wear and damage. Reaming is done with valve body torqued to the billet channel plate to ensure smooth operation once final assembled.) 

-Sonnax accumulator plate (with 3 additional screws), full set of anodized billet accumulator pistons (with relocated sealing ring and one additional support ring), and OD accumulator spring shim. 

-Self cleaning L/R shuttle valve prevents sticking. 

-Custom bonded separator plate allows higher line pressures (with proper transmission tuning). Separator plate gaskets prevent cross leaks. 

-DNJ full billet channel plate (Prevents warping and cracking that OEM channel plate is notorious for. Allows much higher line pressures without channel wall flex, cross leaks or cracking.)

NOTE: Due to the severe decline in the quality of the OEM 68RFE solenoid packs, our 68RFE "Quantum" valve bodies are no longer shipped with solenoids (and are priced accordingly). You will have to reuse your old set if they are still functioning properly, or source your own set.




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