Rated for up to 400 hp, this package is perfect for the mildly modified (tuner, exhaust, cold air intake, etc.) tow vehicle that also doubles as a daily driver. Known for its mild manners on the street, this 48RE is also aggressive enough to efficiently put your Cummins’ power to the ground! This build package features a DPC Reman billet triple-disc torque converter, outstanding Raybestos GPZ clutches, a Raybestos PRO-SERIES intermediate band, billet accumulator piston, billet low/reverse servo piston, a finned deep aluminum pan (and filter extension) and Dynamic’s exclusive custom calibrated HD/Towing valve body (including all solenoids and electronics). This build retains the OEM input shaft, so competition uses are not recommended.

Included with this package is an HD flexplate and DPC Reman billet triple disc torque converter! This is a fantastic torque converter featuring a billet front cover, triple disc clutch, OE-style lockup piston and OE stator, and features a stall speed appx. 250 rpm lower than stock. This makes it a perfect setup to run with an OE input shaft and stock turbo. The torque converter is going to be your largest single improvement in performance. Make sure you have the BEST, and that your valve body is calibrated specifically for YOUR converter!

This transmission package works great for both towing and daily driven vehicles. Featuring our exclusive custom calibrated HD/Towing valve body, you’ll see a significant increase in line pressure and enjoy crisp, quick shifts as well as smooth, controlled torque converter clutch engagements. You get the best of both worlds with this package, without blowing the budget…!!


·         24 Month/Unlimited mile warranty

·         DPC Reman billet triple disc torque converter

·         HD SFI 29.1 rated flexplate

·         Deep finned aluminum pan (with drain plug and temp sensor port, holds extra 4 quarts of fluid)

·         6 disc direct clutch (featuring Raybestos GPZ frictions)

·         4 disc forward clutch (featuring Raybestos  GPZ  frictions)

·         6 disc OD direct clutch (featuring Raybestos GPZ  frictions)

·         10 disc OD direct clutch (featuring Raybestos frictions)

·         Raybestos Pro Series intermediate band

·         Sonnax billet  intermediate servo cover (w/pin o-ring)

·         Sonnax  billet dual seal accumulator piston

·         Sonnax billet low/reverse servo piston (w/high temp lip seal)

·         Superior reinforced band strut

·         Heavy duty Borg Warner low roller clutch

·         Heavy duty Borg Warner OD roller clutch

·         Low roller clutch direct lube modification

·         OD brake clutch cooling/lube modification

·         Heavy duty forward clutch diaphragm spring (Belleville)

·         Complete OD thrust bearing set (w/updated sun gear thrust plate)

·         OD output ball bearing

·         Complete thrust washer set

·         Dimpled bronze pump bushing

·         Heavy duty direct drum bushing

·         Borg Warner HD governor pressure solenoid

·         OEM governor pressure transducer

·         OEM OD/TCC solenoid set (w/internal harness and case connector)

·         Dynamic custom calibrated HD/Towing valve body features:

o   Full cooler flow/converter charge in park

o   Increased line pressure (custom HD/Towing line pressure curve)

o   Custom calibrated, laser cut, heavy-gauge (.050”) separator plates (substantially reduces cross feed issues)

o   Modified TV pressure and pressure curve

o   Governor pressure circuit relief valve (prevents transducer blowout due to high line pressure)

o   Pressure regulator buffer circuit (reduces rapid regulator valve oscillation and pressure fluctuation)

o   Full time lube modification

o   Custom shift calibrations (specify Towing, Street or High-Performance calibrations)

o   Modified to allow 3-4 and 4-3 locked shifts (external switch required)

o   Lockup available in any forward gear (external switch required for full functionality)

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