• TCS Billet Direct Drum

TCS Billet Direct Drum with Extra Large Billet Piston

Replace your OEM cast iron drum with this billet steel drum assembly from TCS. Made from billet steel for maximum strength, with extra large billet aluminum piston. Holds six (6) OEM thickness frictions and steels, or our HD direct clutch stack with seven (7) Raybestos GPZ frictions and steels.

-Made from billet steel to replace cast iron OEM drum.

-Holds 6 full thickness frictions and steels, (or our HD direct clutch stack with 7 GPZ frictions and steels).

-Precision CNC machined billet aluminum piston features 55% more surface area for dramatically increased clutch clamping force.

-Features dual apply oil passages vs. one in the OEM drum for more even clutch apply.

Although this drum may be used with OEM return springs and retainer, we recommend using in combination with the TCS billet drum retainer and spring set for maximum strength and effectiveness.

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TCS Billet Direct Drum

  • $669.99